What is the STEWART GROUP?

SGA is a senior management level, virtual, networking group. The network serves as a “conduit” between executives and private equity groups, search professionals, consultants, and hiring authorities. The networking group is committed to sharing job leads, career information, and referrals that are related to job search and career development. SGA does not allow hype or unrealistic promises of any kind, and one’s decision to join the group must be based on an accurate description of what the networking programs involve. There are no guarantees of any kind either express or implied.

Why should I join the STEWART GROUP?
Surveys indicate approximately 40% of employed executives found their positions through their personal or business networks. Recruiters estimate 20% of their candidates are identified from networking. Other estimates indicate that 80% of all jobs are found through networking.

What is your plan instead of networking?
SGA emphasizes an honest and open approach to executive networking. The primary benefit is the opportunity to network with other “CXO” and senior management level executives willing to share information on the “hidden job market” and introductions to people they know. A secondary benefit is the opportunity to build relationships with equity investors, search professionals, and consultants.

Can I really make worthwhile, meaningful contacts with the STEWART GROUP?
If you choose to join SGA, you will make contact with other senior management level executives; quality and quantity will depend on you and the amount of effort you put into networking. If you treat this like a business and follow a networking strategy, then you should be successful at creating quality relationships. However if you treat this as a hobby, or sit back and let others do all the work, then it will take you longer to achieve the contacts you desire.

What is a solid networking strategy?
Decide to give before you receive. Refer search consultants, private equity investors, hiring authorities, consultants, and other executives to the group. Share leads that are not a match for your qualifications with the group. Introduce group members where you have helpful contacts. Offer advice in areas where you have expertise. And most importantly, reach out and contact members of the group with your offer to help.

Is the STEWART GROUP international?
Yes, if you can access the Internet and meet the membership requirements you can become a member of SGA.

What does it cost to join?
Job leads are free. For help with your work search our rate is $250 per hour.

What benefit do I receive for my money?
You will receive senior management level job leads by email. Plus the opportunity to build relationships with other senior level managers, learn of interim assignments, equity opportunities and companies for sale. Individual assistance on the acquisition process is available on a fee basis.

Email – (214) 556-6945