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When executives lose their jobs, their loss is more than monetary – they often lose direction.

Most try to find a job using methods that worked in the past:
• calling/emailing/mailing recruiters
• contacting people in rival companies
• phoning friends
• networking with unemployed people
When this fails, job seekers become frustrated. They begin to wonder what they are doing wrong.

They should be looking to reframe the question. Instead of asking “How can I find a job?” They should be asking “What do I want to do to earn money at this critical point in my life?” SGA tells you what you might be doing wrong and how to correct the errors.

Executives have always sought the opinions of trusted advisors (staff, boards of directors, outside counsel). In work search they should do the same. Just as advisers help launch new products/services, redefine business operations, bring dollars to the bottom-line, they can also help establish a new career.


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