About Us

SGA’S purpose is to expand executive networking opportunities and enhance the executive networking experience.

SGA provides senior management executives the opportunity to leverage the industry expertise and relationships of executives looking to expand their networking effectiveness, improve the job search process, or acquire companies.

Through commitment, experience, and expertise, SGA helps members establish business relationships and networks that last a lifetime.

Jim Stewart founded the SGA in 2003. SGA matches the strengths and needs of people and companies with meaningful roles in the economy via targeted, professional networking. SGA is a global senior level executive networking group of over 1000 sitting and former CEOs, COOs, Presidents, and Group VPs. Members are from a variety of industries and disciplines and from companies from $10 million to $10 billion in revenues.

Jim is a skilled executive officer with experience in manufacturing companies primarily in the building products and plastics arena. He has provided leadership in international business development, traveling extensively in the United States and Western Europe, built and operated manufacturing plants, ran ventures and managed complex negotiations and business relationships across wide geography with “Fortune 500” companies. He has focused on middle market companies that needed help in restructuring or diversifying their operations and market position to improve their competitiveness, and where his change management skills could have the maximum benefit.

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